All services provided are to be individualized and based upon a detailed needs assessment.

PRP Program

Support youth, adults and their families within the community and their homes who has poor mental health and/or suffering with mental illness to enhance their quality of life and build the family dynamics.

Addiction Programs

Substance Abuse program will assist clients with treatment for alcohol or drug problems. There are many different treatment options for clients; which includes detoxification, plus client and group counseling.

Gambling Prevention program will assist clients with the psychological and behavioral issues that causing the disorder; therapeutic activities and concurrent treatment for associated disorders.

Case Management

Recommendations of resources will be provided to meet each client’s needs.  Various supportive services and life skills workshops will be provided to encourage clients to improve and strengthening their quality of life.

Legal Aid

Clients will receive support regarding foreclosure, employment, expungements and other civil cases.

Financial Management

Clients will attend workshops that would educate them on financial wellness and how to effectively manage their financial resources.

Workshops will consist of couponing, banking, managing expenses, understanding credit and debt management, protecting themselves from fraud and other financial education services.

Health & Wellness

Clients will attend workshops that will support, educate, support and promote maintaining healthy behaviors.

Food Pantry

Clients who are in need of healthy food choices.

Employment Assistance

Conduct job readiness workshop to assist client’s in becoming job ready and connect to job leads. Assistance with resume, cover letter and assessment of interviewing skills. 

Education Services

GED Prep class – Will prepare each client  with test taking skills to pass the GED exam to obtain their high school diploma.

Tutoring – Youth from preschool to high school to assist them in reaching their full academic potential and succeeding above their grade level.